Minecraft Bible Study Update

It is FINALLY here. You can pick up the complete Faithcraft package by following the link below.


I am re-teaching Faithcraft at our church so while I am doing that I am redoing the videos and such and making them a little more useful for you guys. I am adding 2 more weeks and changing the order of the weeks a bit. I am also making 3 video devotions for each week that will be online. I will try to include a copy of the script when I finish the full package. Until then check out these 3 new videos below. Also, I am wondering if people would be willing to donate some money to help me finish putting this package together. I have fixed the donate link in the sidebar and I have in my head a way that people who want to get the study for free can have it and those who are willing to pay can have it too. Please let me know in the comments if you would like to pay now to have the final process sped up.

To check up what we have so far you can get the rough drafts here

19 thoughts on “Minecraft Bible Study Update

  • Lindsey

    I just wanted to say thank you for this. My church kids love Minecraft and I’m doing a trial of Faithcraft for a few weeks in December. We won’t be doing exactly what you do-but your will definitely be used!

  • Lindsey

    I’m trying my best to let people know that I got some graphics and ideas from you as I’m publicizing. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to give credit to you. Thank you! My kids are so excited about this!

  • Don’t worry about giving credit, take it and run with it. Be sure to teach your band the “mining coal” song, for my kids that was their favorite part. Well, that and the “mining” activity I did with the rocks in plaster.

  • Hello!!! I have been trying to organize a videogame themed vbs for my church. I would love to use your Faithcraft videos. How do I go about getting a copy or ability to download. This is so awesome!

    • Hey, I can get you some raw files. I keep meaning to make them available here, but time gets a little crazy. If I haven’t contacted you with a link (or added them here) by Friday January 16 email me and remind me.

  • This is an awesome idea and I cannot wait to use this with my K-3rd class on Wednesday nights! Are there more devotion videos for the 2-4 weeks? I would love to be able to access the entire study series.

  • rita

    Thank you very much, I would really like a set of PowerPoint slides to lead and help the kids understand how using mimecraft can help them in learning about Jesus. The kids are 4-7 years old. Thank you Rita

  • angie Blankenship

    I Have just found the Mine/Faithcraft series and u am so excited! My wed. Night group is ages 9-12 mostly boys! Are there crafts with the series? Any advice is appreciated! I hope to begin the series next week. I want to turn our class space into a Minecraft world of faith! Thank you!!!
    Angie Blankenship

  • Alright I have been terrible at actually making this Bible study. I wonder if anyone would be interested in helping fund a kickstarter project to help me get motivated and get it finished?

    What do you think a good price would be for the material? Is $10 for the lessons and $20 for the lessons plus the videos too high?

    Let me know.

  • Beth

    HI I was hoping to start this 4 week Minecraft with my sunday school class but I can’t seem to find all the devotions…I have all three for week one and one for week 2 but that’s it…I was wondering if there is a spot to find all the minecraft videos and devotions for quick reference? Same with the videos-I can only find first 2 weeks(wise/foolish builders and Nehemiah and the intro and a child doing week 2-seeking God) so again wondering if that’s all there is or a spot to find all the resources? I have tried the main page that lists each week and a printable version/discussion but again not able to find all videos and devotions that go with week 3 and 4. Thanks

  • Sarah

    I love this!! We are doing this for our VBS this year! os there any way you can send the info you have on this to me- Thank you so much!

    It may be a few days before I get a final download ready and find it a home, but it is officially finished!

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