Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Armor of God

We are wrapping up a 10 week study on Ephesians this week with a look at the armor of God. As I was preparing for this lesson a web article that I had clipped to Evernote came back to mind and that led me to purchase Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction which is a great little book on catapults, launchers, and other “destructive” things made out of office supplies.

So here is my plan. I have built one of the catapults from the book (pictured here). I am going to take that as a bit of inspiration and then pass out a collection of spoons, tongue depressors, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, paper clips and tape to teams of 3 students. The students will have 10 minutes to come up with their own launcher of sorts. Here is what I think the rules will look like.

The launcher must sit on a table (or floor)

The launcher must fire on its own power (you can’t just flick things with a spoon)

Students will get 5 shots using mini marshmallows as ammo

The goal will be to destroy a small “wall” that is guarding an army of LEGO mini-figs

Points will be given for each brick knocked down and for each min-fig hit

I think I am going to have one firing range and have everyone bring their catapults to. This will make judging easier (I won’t need as many blocks either) but it will make the game take FOREVER, so I may have multiple shot sites.

The debrief is to talk about putting on the full armor of God. In our world it isn’t a question of if we will be attacked, but when. As such we must be ready to stand. Some attacks are easy to withstand (as will be some of the attacks from the catapults) and some attacks will be more difficult, but all of them can be repelled by the armor of God.

I will give a full report of how it goes later this week.

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