Mission Fest NC Triad

Wow, what a day. It started at 5:15 and 10 hours and 400 miles later we ended up in the North Carolina Triad. I should have taken a picture of the trailer and all of the junk that we packed in there, or more precisely, that I packed in there. I never thought that all of the suitcases would go when I looked at it last night, but thanks to some help from a husband that wasn’t going with us we got it all to fit. I don’t know what I am going to do when it is time to leave.

So I have all of this stuff (8 par 56 lights; 4 par 64 lights; a regular light controller; a DMX 512 controller; a Kitna disco type light; a Chavet Abyss water affect light; 2 light poles; 2 light poles with a truss between them; speaker stands; speakers; monitors; sound board, amp; 2 music stands; a plethora of cords and connections; and all of the other stuff that makes a VBS/camp work) Anyway, I have all of this stuff and I was sure that there wasn’t going to be any place to set it all up, but then tonight (after a whole lot of trouble) we end up learning that there will be more than enough space and that all of the stuff that we have planned may actually work! It was one of those moments when you can just see God working things out behind the scenes.

As I was typing that I realized that I don’t think I have told you what we are doing. We are doing a VBS for teenagers in a Children’s Home. All of the students are going to be from around the ages 15-17. Our plan is to do three days of camp type stuff. Here is the schedule:

Morning Worship

Bible Study



Track Times (crafts, outdoor games, indoor games, drama, music, percussion)

Closing Worship

It should be a fun time. Please pray for us. I will try to get pictures and info up when I cam.

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