Mission Impossible 3

It may be that I haven’t seen an action movie in the theater for a while, but I really enjoyed this movie. I sort of liked the first MI even if it was a little cartoony and I thought the second one was just way too over the top with the action. But this one seemed to get things right. I was sucked into the story and the atmosphere and honestly cared about the characters.

I would love to see this become sort of the blueprint for action movies. This was an almost non-stop action movie, and yet somehow it still felt character driven. People were never acting in a way that I thought was just for effect. They had deep emotional reasons for all of the crazy things that they were doing. Abrams did a great job of taking this total popcorn movie and bringing if not depth than at least some life to characters that could have become just additional props in the action.

Now, I went into this movie with very little expectations though so I was pleasantly surprised. I may have now set the bar too high for you and ruined your experience. If that is the case I am sorry.  

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