Mission Trip Update

I love my wife. She worked it out so they entire group is off at the mall and I am getting an opportunity to sit here and veg for a while and just get ready for tomorrow. We are away at mission trip as you guys know and things are going good. Today we had the bulk of our group working to help organize a room full of food that was given through a state wide food drive. I spent my time with 2 other guys setting up the worship room. We worked hard setting up the lights and the projector and the sound. In the end, the lights just don’t quite look right because of the fact that we can’t get the room dark enough. This place has these enormous 2 story windows and we tried to place curtains around the bottom to help, but it didn’t really do much so my cool little water effect light and all of the other stage lights just end up looking sort of wimpy.

Other than that I am quite proud of our work. There were some major problems. We thought that the projector bulb had blown or was going bad because it was flickering on and off, but it turned out just to be a bad plug. I was really worried about that because so much of our worship time is based around the video screen.

Tomorrow we begin our little mini-fuge camp. We actually get to interact with the students tomorrow and I think that will be important. I feel like everyone is ready to do some personal ministry. I know I am ready to interact with them. Mostly I am excited about the drama track time. I haven’t gotten a chance to lead people in drama type stuff in a while and the cool thing is that they haven’t seen the skits I have written so I get to do them again since they are for a fresh audience.

Please keep praying for us. I feel like we have been running around full speed and now we have to really kick it into high gear. I am praying for a pitch black day, but one without rain because we have to go outside. I don’t know how God can take care of that, but I think he can. I will try and post some pictures of our set up tomorrow.

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