Monkey’s Paw

Now that I start to write this I think I have made a post similar to this before, but over the course of 3 years I’m not going to get anything new so I will write it anyway.

I often think of God like a genie or probably more like a monkey’s paw from that old story. And I think I’m not alone in this. I hear people saying “don’t pray for patience because God will teach it to you” and other such things like God is just waiting for you to mess up so he can twist your prayers around. So it becomes sort of like a Monkey’s Paw thing where what you ask for He gives you, but in a way that you don’t want it. Or it is like a genie that will only give you exactly what you ask for so you have to form your words carefully or you will only get part of what you are asking for.

When I am praying I often find these thoughts running through my head. I find myself trying to be sure that what I am saying won’t be misconstrued, or that I’m not leaving a way for God to twist my prayer around. (Like God can’t just do whatever he wants no matter what I pray) When I find myself doing stuff like this I have to stop and remind myself that God likes me. Actually he loves me more than I can even imagine and it isn’t like he is playing some big cosmic game with me. He wants me to know Him and to know more about Him. He wants me to live a life that is prosperous. I don’t have to stress out about making sure I have all of the formula right. The God behind the prayers loves me and is a good God.

I think many times I forget that God has a good heart and that all that He does is good. Too many times I treat him like a neutral bystander waiting to make sure we jump through all of the hoops before he will act, more like a cosmic computer than a loving father.

I don’t know why I shared that here, I guess I just wanted to know if anyone else struggles with this.

One thought on “Monkey’s Paw

  • April 3, 2008 at 5:05 PM

    This is an interesting concept.
    I really believe that God could, indeed, twist our prayers if he wanted to.


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