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So I was pondering what would be the next instalment of my Retreat report and the more I thought about it them more I realized that the rest of the weekend was just your standard retreat stuff.

It is funny that now when we have our “Late Night Worship” time with stations set up around the room and everything that I call that normal stuff. Three years ago when we were having our first retreat we were terrified of that worship time. We were thinking about alternative plans and even had the words to all the songs on the screens in case everyone just sat in the middle of the room and sang. This year we didn’t even have a middle of the room, with stations spread out all around the entire place we weren’t worried we were just excited.

Of course every time I am involved in something like this I am amazed to see how students respond. It is almost like they are hungry for other ways to express their worship and their creativity. They have a deep desire to create new works of praise to God, even if they aren’t good they are from deep within their hearts. I think one of the things that I am most happy about in my life is that I have learned that worship can be more than just singing, that in fact it must be more than just singing, that it involves all of who we are. I love seeing new people open their eyes to the wonder and the majesty of God as they worship Him not how we tell them too, but how their heart tells them too.

One thing I forgot about Friday night was during the final singing time we opened up the drawing and journaling stations during worship. Students flocked to them, and even filled up our wall on the first night. Using the rest of the arts in worship allows students to come alive in worship who have never really got the whole singing thing. The cool thing is that since they are creating art that others will see the art builds on itself and becomes a complete expression of worship. It is personal, but it is also corporate, just as singing worship is corporate, but also personal. In the end I guess all you can say about it is that it is worship.

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