Moving Day

Today was moving day for us. Our new church sent down a couple of guys and then people from our town and old church came to help us finish packing and load up. That makes for this slightly weird blend of people, but it all worked out. My wife and boys went to stay with her mother for the night to break up the trip and so after packing for the week and loading a Uhaul and a trailer all morning I got to drive for 9 hours by myself. Which was a nice time to sort of get my thoughts together, but the fact that I had all of my clothes and books in the car with me I felt like I was running away from home or something.

Tomorrow I get to go and worship with my new church. I am very excited. I don’t “officially” start work until Monday so I can actually relax a bit and actually worship tomorrow. As long as no one expects me to remember their name from our whirlwind of a weekend 2 weeks ago I should be OK.

So much of the past two weeks has been focusing on the moving. Now I have to turn my attention to getting started with this new ministry. Anyone have any tips for my first youth lesson on Wednesday?

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