Murder on the Grill

We had a murder mystery party for the youth tonight. We met in one you parents’ back yards and grilled hot dogs. We also tried to solve a murder. The whole night was around a 50’s theme so students (most of them actually) came dressed up 50’s folk. I slicked my hair back so that everyone could see how really large my forehead has gotten and Meredith teased her hair into a semi-passing bouffant. The mystery came out of a box and was designed for just 8 people, but we let the rest of the gang try to figure it out too.

All in all it was a fun time, there were people from each little group without our youth group and the nature of the game even made those people interact a little. Sometimes I forget just how much fun it is to hang out with my youth. They are really cool people. Also as the group got larger it has gotten harder and harder to have stuff because of the cost and because of the effort it takes. I am getting better at delegating and if we are going to grow anymore I am going to have to get even better than this.

The 50’s theme tonight was great, but next time I am going to go with an era I know a little more about. How rad would an 80’s party be. While I am thinking about it there are actually some girls at our high school who dress like the 80’s they have the hoop earrings and the sweatshirts with the colors ripped out. One girl even wears a long shirt with a belt over the shirt and leggings. It is like I am back at my own high school. It is a trip. I have to say that I wouldn’t mind some of those fashions coming back. I am tired of short shorts, low rise jeans, and form fitting tops. BRING BACK BAGGY!

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