My Big Mouth

I often wonder if I will ever grow out of this diarrhea of the mouth that I seem to have (check the "update" for a cool story about that phrase). I seem to always find a way to say something that I regret for ever after. I have decided that I am just no longer going to talk when the "grown-ups" are talking. Alright that might be a bit harsh, but still.

Last night we were having a meeting about getting a new van (you guys have heard about all of our old van troubles). So we are in this meeting and I’m not really desperate for any one course of action or another. I am sitting in the back listening to what people have to say, but I just couldn’t leave it at that. I tried to get up and say something that was lighthearted and sort of lift the mood of the place, but I think I just came off sounding like a smart-aleck. Now, I am a smart-aleck so that is nothing new for me, but I have been replaying my words all day trying to figure out if I needed to make some sort of formal apology or something.  

So here I am again struggling with what people think about me. I think that if I were given a choice like Solomon to ask for whatever I wanted from God I think I would ask for two things 1) to never say anything stupid and 2) to not stress about looking like a fool in front of others.

OK, so Solomon’s request for wisdom both of those so maybe that is what I should ask for. Or maybe I will just beg God for enough cash that it none of these small things matter anymore.

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