My Hands Hurt

It all started yesterday when I ripped half of my fingernail off of the middle finger of my right hand. I did it on of all things: a door knob. Then today I was mowing the yard and as I was emptying the grass bag I felt a sharp sting on my leg. As I looked down and saw the bee I felt another stink right between my ring and middle finger of my left hand. As I was walking into the house I was stung on my belly. Then a few minutes later when I was trying to get the stinger out of my hand a bee flew out of my shorts and stung me on the left thumb. They all swelled a little and they still "sting" a bit. My hand is still stiff, but not as bad as earlier.

When I went back out to get the mower and put it back up there was a swarm of bees still flying around and trying to sting it. So I left it there until I can find some sort of spray. But all in all it has been a hard weekend on my hands.

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