My Own Psalm

As I continue to work through the ideas that I have on my computer from Winter Retreat and other places I keep finding things that I think for sure that I have added, but discover after a search that they aren’t here. This is something that we have used since our first retreat called "My Own Psalm". It is a guided journaling activity that guides you through questions to write an honest psalm of praise to God. You can check out the text below or download the .pdf.

My Psalm

Sing to the Lord a new song;
Sing to the Lord, all the earth
Psalms 96:1

To worship God through creative writing you are going to write your own psalm of praise. As you follow the pattern below don’t just write, but meditate on the words that God gives you.

Many of the Psalmist opened with a history of what God had done for Israel. This reminded them of God’s great power and was helpful during hard times. The memories of how God worked in the past helped them to see promise for the future.



How have you seen God work in your past? Begin with your salvation write about how God called you to be a Christian.



When have you prayed about something and it was answered? Write about that time here.



When have you felt God speaking to your heart? Write about that here.



Look back at how God has moved in your life. Write any words of praise or thanksgiving that come to mind here.



Is your heart troubled about something? Write what you are troubled about here?



Now write what you know to be true about God that relates to your troubles. It may be a promise that he has made or an aspect of his character. (for instance if you are worried about being forgiven you know that God is full of mercy)



Close your Psalm here with another time of praise and thanksgiving.



Take this sheet with you to remember your own Psalm of Praise

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