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I don’t know if everyone else has this problem, but for some reason things just get added to the show on Sunday. I have to come up with some rules. It seems like every week we are running around at the last minute trying to get some song working, or adding a mic or changing a video.

Tonight we were hosting the community Independence Day service and we thought it was pretty much just our choir singing. Well, the president of the community associate came in with a program full of stuff. It was crazy. It didn’t really make anything not work, but I am such a control freak that I hate when I don’t what’s going on.

Here are some rules that I think I am going to implement.

1) All ideas for the worship gathering must be presented by Thursday at the latest

2) All soloist must present a copy of the words and at least a “feel” of the song also by Thursday. (this is because there have been some songs in our church that I don’t feel are appropriate and so that we can make the whole worship gathering flow towards a common point.)

3) Anything (even if it is a “great idea”) that isn’t planned before Thursday will have to wait.

4) All media should be to the person in charge (normally me) before Sunday

Of course all of this would be fixed with a worship team that actually planned the gatherings and not just me. Of course that would be another meeting and we can all barely breathe right now.

One thought on “my thoughts on creativity

  • July 3, 2005 at 11:08 PM

    oh i know this problem all to well. the thing that kills me the most is when someone comes up with a “great idea” to enhance worship at the last minute but they have no idea how to actually do it. i love those ideas when they are a couple of weeks or at least a week away but i hate them when they are an hour or two before we are to worship.


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