My Trip

Once when I was little my dad and another guy took me and the other guys son on a 6 hour drive to Springfield, MO to go to the Bass Pro Shop. While I do enjoy the BPS as much as the next guy I couldn’t really figure out why it was worth the drive.

But yesterday I found something that was worth the drive. Bro. Alan and I went to Pensacola, FL to pick up some stuff we needed from All Pro Sound. It was too cool. Granted I drove 3 and a half hours (one way) just to pick up some stuff that I could have ordered, but that wasn’t the point. I got to ask questions and see most of the stuff on the show room floor. It was very cool. Never in my life have I wanted to break into a place with a moving truck and a crew of guys to help me load up the stuff than I did that place. Sometimes my job is fun in ways I never expected.

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