My Wife is Too Great for Words

My wife–who’s greatness is really too great for words–came to see me today and brought Nathan with her. She is staying with my sister so when we went to the mall for free time they met us there. It was so cool to see my son again. I can’t really explain how much I missed him.

Getting to the mall was an adventure. The care Meredith was driving has a problem with the fan. As long as the car is moving it is fine, but when it stops getting air through the grill it overheats. So hitting traffic is a problem.

We are on our way to the mall and Meredith calls me and says, “The car is overheating and I am stuck in traffic what do I do.” And the only thing she really could do was just pull over and let it cool off a bit and then try to get somewhere that she could keep moving.

Right after I got off the phone with her one of the students in my van sees them on the side of the road. So I pull over the church van and the car behind me pulls over too. Then this is where it gets crazy. Meredith and Nathan get into the mini-van. Two of the students from the mini-van get into the church van and two of the students from the church van get into my car. Sumer drives the church bus and I get in to drive my car when it stops overheating. If you are confused don’t worry so was I.

So I call my brother-in-law and tell him that I have to find a way to the mall, but I can’t stop for traffic, no matter how far out of the way I have to go, I have to get there without stopping. So he gets on mapquest and is leading me around Nashville with me ducking off every time traffic would slow down. I felt like I was Keanu Reeves in Speed. It was loads of fun! The cool thing is that we showed up at the mall just about a minute after the van. So it all worked out in the end. But it was one really messed up trip.

Oh yeah, I had a good day doing ministry today too, but I will have to hold that story off for another night. I need some sleep.  

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