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I actually hate to even do something like this, but I really like the cool button so I am going to go ahead with it. If you will scroll down you will see on the left a "donate" button. I just thought that if you spend time here and use the resources provided you might want to donate some money to help with some of the expenses of keeping this site up and running. You can donate any amount you want, but "Gold Club" donations will garner special attention.

The donation is handled by PayPal so if you have an PayPal account it should be pretty quick. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can donate with a credit card without setting up a new account.  

Of course if I really want to make money I should just make my family pay for new pictures of Nathan. Maybe that is what I will do. No new photos until I get enough money to buy a new ipod, or maybe a Xbox 360! Wait, he is cute. No new Nathan pictures until you have donated enough money to buy me a Mini-Van! Alright, maybe not, but a guy can dream.


2 thoughts on “ Sponsor Program

  • July 8, 2006 at 3:38 AM

    The only thing I am afraid of with the ads is that I don’t have control over what is being displayed. I had someone actually call my boss over what he found in a "recently updated blogs" section a while back. Even though that guy was crazy I like to keep control of my own stuff.


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