Nathan Circa 5 Months

There is a new Nathan photo gallery up. Is he really as cute as I think he is or am I just his dad?

3 thoughts on “Nathan Circa 5 Months

  1. Emma says:

    Awww! He’s so very cute!

  2. Freya says:

    Hi Shane,
    Neat website. I stumbled upon it while googling "creative worship". I liked the reading with Rev 4:8 repeating throughout.
    I often find the more creative I am in worship, the more I connect with God. I’ve recently started signing (ASL) to worship music. It’s amazing to connect your body with your soul and spirit, the Lord has really been meeting me through it.
    Well, now that I’ve rambled a bit, I just wanted to say "keep fighting the good fight!".

  3. Allie H says:

    Nathan is adorable:)

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