Nathan Laughs

If you don’t have a child I don’t know if I can explain this or not, but there is nothing more amazing than hearing my son laugh. He has started to be ticklish and if you get him in just the right spot and in just the right mood he will actually giggle and even squeal a bit. After six months of throwing my best material at this guy he finally thinks I am funny.

There was a moment on my wedding day when they opened the doors and I saw Meredith standing there in white and looking more lovely than I had ever seen her before. I was in awe of her beauty. That moment was transcendent. It exists outside of the normal flow of life and I call it up and hold it almost like a crystal in my mind.

Hearing Nathan laugh is like that. The sound breaks through my long day and my desperate need for a nap. His laugh grabs me and holds on to me and makes my heart beat faster. I am a junkie for his laugh. Once I hear it I have to try to bring it forth again and again. I could live in the sound of his laugh.

One thought on “Nathan Laughs

  • December 15, 2006 at 10:44 AM

    How can the author of this comment be the same as the comment before? You’d never believe it! In your previous posting you were (I’m going to say it, and I sadly do mean it) rather hideous, but in this posting your spirit resonates beautifully in your words. You actually get a feel of what your soul is like, and it is a truly amazing feeling! You have a gift! I’m pleading with you to take on this side of yourself more, and let go of the other, less pleasant side of yourself that is full of negativity!


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