Nathan: Now with battle damage



I don’t know why I am proud of Nathan and his bruise. It isn’t like he was in a fight over a toy or something. He just hit his face on the table beside the bed. Maybe I am proud of myself for not freaking out when blood was running into his eye. Maybe it is because every kid needs a black eye now and then to prove they are living life to the fullest. Maybe I am proud because it just seems like such a guy thing to have a good face wound. Whatever the reason I think this is my favorite picture of Nathan in a long, long time.

(by the way, I cannot get a picture of this kid without a drop of drool on his chin. I have photoshoped a ton of them out, but I just decided to leave this one.)  

2 thoughts on “Nathan: Now with battle damage

  • July 13, 2007 at 2:36 PM

    Keep the drool in those pics! He is so cute!


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