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We took Nathan into “big church” tonight for the first time. He almost made it through the whole song service. I want to start letting him be a part of the Sunday nigh worship times because I think it is important that he spend some time seeing his momma and daddy worshiping with other believers. Like I said he made it through most of the songs and I think if there had been songs that he knew he would have made it even longer.

When our last pastor was at church he started out with this really great idea to make Sunday nights kid focused. We sang children’s songs and he did a children’s message. I loved it at the time, and that was before I had Nathan. Now I think it would be a great thing to bring back.


Having a son makes so many things in the world seem different. He changes my priorities and revolutionizes my perspectives. Like take this for example:

The other day I was sitting outside playing with Nathan and he was doing something small but it was something that I had never seen him do before. I was so excited for him. But more than that I was just excited. When I look at him I smile. When I think of him I smile. He is my son and he brings joy to my heart.

Suddenly I got this picture of God thinking of me and smiling. I have always said that God created family so that we could understand him. He didn’t look at the family and then write the Bible using son-ship as a metaphor. He created the family so that we would understand the metaphor. So when He talks about the fact that we have been given in Jesus the right to become children of God He is letting us in on how He feels about us.

For the past few days as I have looked at Nathan and thought how much I love him I have felt God sharing that same love for me. It has been a cool couple of days.  

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