Nathan Update


It has been a while since I talked about Nathan here at I have long since given up the idea that people come here looking for youth leader stuff so if I want to drive some traffic to this place it has to become more of a repository for all things Nathan.

As you can see in this picture he is looking more like his momma. His blue eyes are driffting more towards her soft grey and there are times when he seems to move his mouth just like hers.

He is starting to be much more aware of his world. He will turn his head to find my voice or Meredith’s. In the mornings when he is happiest he will also smile at Meredith.

I have started to try to get him to put his own pacifier in his mouth. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet, but yesterday his pacifier fell onto his hand and he actually raised his hand to his mouth to try to put it back in. Of course it didn’t work, but it was progress.

He likes to sit up and see things even though he can’t quite hold his head up all the way yet. He will be doing fine checking things out and then BLAM! he will just quit trying and his head will fall forwards or backwards (backwards is way worse).

He is starting to get bigger, even though it is hard for us to notice he has some clothes that don’t fit anymore.

We actually ran down the batteries in his swing–it still will swing, but not while the birds are spinning or the music is playing.

He sleeps (most nights) for about 7 hours. Of course no matter what time he goes to bed he wakes up around 4:45, which for a family of people who actually get up at 5:00 or so that sounds like he is sleeping through the night, but Meredith and I don’t get up before 7:00 ever, and now since whoever is keeping him isn’t going to work we prefer much later. The cool thing is after about an hour of awake time he is ready for a nap, so if you work it just right you can sleep from 6:00-10:00.  

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