National Infantry Museum

Ever wake up start you day and think that it is going to go one way to have it suddenly transformed and go a different way all together? Columbus, GA just recently got an IMAX theater. It opened up in June and while I head a few things about it I didn’t really know where it was or why it was there.

So one of my youth heard that they were playing the recent Star Trek version in the IMAX theater. So I did some digging and found out that the theater was at this place called patriot park and that it was actually more in Ft. Benning than in Columbus. So I checked times and as it turns out the movie was playing at 11:00 Eastern time (that’s 10:00 AM for us). So at 8:30 this morning me and three youth pile into my van to go watch this movie.

What we found when we got there was nothing short of amazing. The IMAX theater is actually inside of the newly opened National Infantry Museum. One of the people who spoke at the grand opening said that it “made a hero out of the infantry” and that is a very accurate description. It is full of exhibits and stories of soldiers who fought on the ground in every conflict from the Revolutionary War up through the great wars moving through Somalia and attacks on terrorism all the way to the present conflicts in Afghanistan and Iran.

We were right on time for the movie so we pretty much walked right in there. We did stand looking slack jawed at the large entrance way exibit that walks you through all of the conflicts with diaramas, video, sound, and special effects. But we weren’t there to go to a museum. We were there to go to the movie.

Star Trek is a great show (and made even better by IMAX) but when we came out we exited in the museum. So we thought we would at least walk through it. Two hours later we are still walking through, sometimes together, sometimes apart, sometimes reading in private, sometimes pulling someone over to see something that caught our interest.

We sat and watched a 10 minute film on the Infantry and the people who fight in it. We walked though a hall honoring all those who have received the medal of honor. We read the stories of heroes and POWs and soldiers who were willing to take a stand of their country.

In the end I came away with a renewed pride in the men and women who fight for our freedom. I have a respect for those people beyond what I can express. At the museum there were many boys, just boys for heavens sake walking around in uniform and I found myself feeling like I didn’t even have the right to stand in the same room as these men who were willing to risk their lives for what they believed in.

I got up this morning wanting to see a Hollywood movie about people risking their lives to save the world. But instead I got to see something much much more. I got to remeber that beyond Hollywood there are men and women willing to risk their lives for me and for the freedom that they are so passionate about. It was a truly amazing day.

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