NBA Finals

Did anyone else watch the game tonight. The commentators kept trying to justify the style of play, talking about how great it is to watch defense and how this really is a good game even though it wasn’t a whole lot of scoring. You just know the execs at ABC are feeding them that stuff. They should just run commercials with guys in suits begging people to watch.

As for me I love this type of play. There is something cool about a finals that only has one real superstar (Tim Duncan. OK, you can make a case for the Wallace boys too, but they aren’t huge stars by any means) and a whole bunch of role players and they are the best in the league. I have always loved to watch good team play more than just one on one match ups. So maybe the rest of the league and some of the young players out there will begin to see how much more important teamwork is than superstars.

I think there is a sermon in there somewhere.

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