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It looks like our mission trip isn’t coming together this year. (There have been some issues with communication) So I have a whole week, some extra cash, and a team of people who are itching to get out of town and serve God.

So, if there is anyone within 8 hours or so of Eufaula who could use a team for a backyard Bible club, some light conctruction, a block party, or some canvasing please send me an email.

The week we have set aside is July 22-28 and we normally pay our own way. If you have a place for us to stay with showers and such that would be all the better, but if not then we can make that work too. Just let me know.  

One thought on “Need Help?

  • May 14, 2007 at 6:39 PM

    We could use you in our association. I spoke to our communities ministries director this am and she said we could use you and your team. We are aprox. 9.5 hours from you. My number is 501-247-5929.


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