maverick2.gifThis I just moved up to the next level of geek. Now I would say that since 3.5 lets me multi-class I am a level 3 geek level 4 nerd. (if you understand that reference then you are a geek as well) But I have played video games for a while; I like computer and I know what a 20 sided dice is so I am pretty good at getting my geek on, but nothing compares to what I did this week. This week I became a modder.

Let me explain. I was looking for a picture of this Nerf Maverick gun that you see here and stumbled across a whole community of people who mod their guns. I was fascinated. So I actually sat down on Tuesday to open up one of Mavericks and try to make it shoot farther. Of course since I am still new to this whole thing after about 4 shots last night the gun broke to the point that it wouldn’t fire anymore. But even though it didn’t work doesn’t mean I lose my geek status. I did unscrew a toy in an attempt to modify it.


On a ministry note we had another "Dart War" last night (hence the gun talk) and if you are a youth minister tell everyone to spend the 10 bucks it cost for a Maverick schedule 2 hours to play capture the flag and become the hero of every nerdy boy in your group. Modding is option.

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