New MediaShout Review

Alright I have to say that I am really digging the new MediaShout. If I had a Edirol mixer that would allow me to place text over moving images I may not think this was as cool, but since the only way I have to get moving backgrounds is within the one program I find this really neat. Version 3 really helps to streamline the way that videos are played and how they look as backgrounds, but my old laptop is having a hard time running it on a dual screen setup. The new pastor’s laptop that we are using in church works like a dream, however, and I can really see how much this program really can do.

What I am most excited about and surprised about is how easy it is to create slides like PowerPoint. It requires looking at things in a different way, but once you learn to see things like MediaShout wants you to see them it really does do some amazing thing, and now most of them are done inside of the program instead of outside in a graphics program. One of the greatest things about the new version is that all of your songs keep their formatting so once you get a song set up the way you want it (with backgrounds and page breaks and everything) then you don’t have to worry about it again. This really allows some freedom. So now we can add songs on the fly without having to worry about formatting.

I have to admit I’m not a power user of display software. I have really only used MediaShout and PowerPoint, but this software for the first time really feels like it is doing things right. Even the thumbnails in the script makes for an easy time. If you are a version 2.5 user then don’t even hesitate pick up version 3 now. If you are looking for presentation software I would suggest giving this is shot.

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