New People

Tonight was the night when the 6th graders become a part of the youth group. We are graduating a large group of seniors so this was an important event for us. There were just a few of them, but there were several older middle school students. In addition to that many of the seniors were off on trips so the night had a whole different feel. On the one hand it was hard because there isn’t as much leadership. On the other hand it was cool to have fresh people to talk too.

After church we had a hang out time. That went really well. It was fun to have time with new students. It was also fun because the young guys were pretty into the evening. On top of that people actually played board games which is by far my favorite youth activity.

All in all it was a pretty nice night. I talked about our mission statement and in preparation and in the preaching it was nice to be reminded why we do what we do.

We also had a camp meeting and that made me feel better about next week too. After a week of rain I was feeling very apathetic, tonight was one of those gift from God nights that reminds me why I actually love this job.

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