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Yesterday I was hanging out at the park and trying to get some writing done. I had almost used up my time with random stuff, but I kept thinking about my lesson for last night, "Revolutionary Freedom". I was walking to the bathroom and looked around and noticed the blue sky and the water and the cool air and thought, "This is how it feels to be free". By the time I finished in the bathroom and got back to my chair I had the opening of this poem worked out.

Then, I was almost to the end and the battery on my computer quit. I thought I had lost everything. Luckily Word had done an autosave and I only lost the last few lines. While I was waiting for the computer to come back up and see how much I had lost I wrote this line that I like, but which didn’t make it into the final poem. "to lose words and not worry because I know that there will be more words." For me as a try to be writer it is hard to lose words because I often feel like there won’t be anymore coming. Freedom is knowing that the words will always come so I don’t have to hold onto each thing like it is my last. Life is the same way. Since we know that there is a greater life coming we don’t have to hold onto this one so tightly and that is freedom.

This is How It Feels to Be Free 

This is how it feels to be free
to pull my feet out of the dark deep mud of doubt
To brush away the gnat-thoughts that pester me
“you are not enough”
“you are not enough”
“you are not enough"

This is how it feels to be free
To step from hot sun into cool shade
and know that this is where I was meant to be
what I was created to be.

This is how it feels to be free
to strip away guilt like wet clothes
to loose their weight and stand
and dry
and redeemed

This is how it feels to be free
to run
to laugh
to dance
to stop and notice and breathe
To spread my arms wide
and embrace
all that He made me to be

This is how it feels to be free
to not worry what you think of me
to not strive to make you like me
accept me
Love me.
To let His love pour over me
like cool water
on a July afternoon

This is how it feels to be free
to give up all of me
to surrender willingly
all that is inside of me
to be captured in love by the one who died for me
and gives me freedom

This is how it feels to be free
to forget for a moment that I am anything but a child of God
and to stand at his feet awe
as my mouth
and my heart
and my hands
and my toes
and all of who I am
sings His praises
This is how it feels to be free

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