New Wing, New Group, New Joys, New Headaches

I am exhausted. This was one crazy weekend. The cool thing is we officially opened the new wing of our church this morning. I even got to cut one of those big red ribbons. Things look pretty good in there. I really like everything except the fact that we are still sharing space. I want to pull out the drop ceiling and make it look sort of exposed and industrial. Instead it looks very corporate and mallish, but it is still a great space. Like I said we had 80 people down there dancing and still had space to spare.

There are still a few things we need. We could really use another screen and mounting the lights instead of using stands, but all in all I am pretty excited. This week for our regular Wednesday night meeting we are going to have a more formal opening worship service. We will sing about a million songs and then we are having a quiet prayer time around the room. One of the things I really want to do in the space is add a permanent drawing wall (for people who would like to use draw in worship) and a permanent prayer area. This week I am going to set up one whole side of the room with a place to draw and the other with a couple of contemplative prayer stations. The idea is that when people are praying the room will be surrounded in prayer as a way of claiming the space for worship.

It is an exciting if not a little scary time for our group. We are in transition right now. There are very few seniors who are regular attenders and I am having a hard time connecting and convincing them to step up and lead. Part of the problem is that we haven’t had a strong group of student leaders in a couple of years and the juniors don’t have a whole lot of examples. Added to that we have about 10 people who I am not even sure if they are Christian who are more regular than our “leaders” and I am still trying to find out how much responsibility to give these guys. It is a whole different ball game for me right now to say the least, but it is a whole lot of fun.

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