New Year’s Eve Party

My rant in the earlier post aside, for those of us who were at church it was a whole lot of fun. I got a chance to play my guitar and lead worship which is always fun and we had a short devotion and counted in the New Year. We also played games (we busted out sardines in the new building) and we had another dance.

I spend some time tonight teaching students how to Two Step since anyone who lives in Alabama should know how to Two step. I got an opportunity to dance with my wife which is something I don’t get to do enough, and I also got to have fun with some people I don’t get to hang out with much. 

All in all it was fun. I am sore right now, and I know it will be worse in the morning. I really need to get to bed because we have church in the morning, but I can’t seem to wind down. I don’t know if you get much chance to dance, but I highly recommend it. It is worship in such a raw form that it moves my soul.

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