No, I’m the Daddy

Nathan has started telling me what to do, including threatening to put me in “time out” a couple of times. I have to remind him (sometimes backing it up with punishment) that I’m the daddy, not him. He doesn’t like that very much. In his mind he has lived on this earth for 3 years so that means that he should be able to do all of the things that daddy does.

Any rational person will know that is absurd. It will be many,  many more years before he will be able to make the decisions that I make. He still has lots of growing up to do and lots more things to learn before he will be ready to make those choices. Right now I am trying to take care of him the best I know how. I may mess up, but at least I know more than he does.

While that is easy to see when it comes to Nathan and me, it isn’t as easy to see when it comes to me and God. I keep thinking that I should know better by now. I mean, I have done this Christian thing for going on 30 years now. I think I know what I should be doing. I should be the one making the decisions and choosing where I go next. So I find myself telling God what I am going to do instead of asking him where I should go.

I wonder if he looks at me like I look at Nathan when I do that.

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