Non-Baby Stuff about Last night

There was more to last night than just my time without Nathan. I have been feeling a little down about our youth group, like it just wasn’t clicking for some reason. We have some leaders who aren’t wanting to be leaders and just a whole lot of people who are still young Christians and it just makes for an interesting time right now. So I spent a great deal of time praying and asking God for something for my heart, something that reminded me why I do what I do.

Last night we had 4 new people not counting the new 7th graders that promoted up. 2 of these were guys that I have ministered to for a long time who decided to come and it really made me smile. I can’t really explain how good it was to see those new faces, and several old faces back as well. It was like God was giving me a special gift and a reminder of why I love this job so much, and why I think teenagers are worth the effort.

On top of that I did get a chance to see some of my people who are leaders step up and be more involved. I love to see teenagers transformed into real leaders. If I could convince all of them of how important their presence is to I think we could make a real difference in this town.

On a different note:

We have a mixed group of people that actually consists of about 4 different little groups that I am trying to shoehorn into one big community. As we were getting ready to hang out last night I had an idea that actually didn’t totally suck. I have these little counter animals (plastic animals in 5 shapes and 5 colors) and I had everyone draw one. Then I had them group with others that had the same animal and then choose a game from our game box and play it.

It was mildly successful to blend the group up, but it didn’t last. Once I stopped prodding the games along they all went back to their own little groups. Oh well, I guess community will have to wait another week.  

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