I have been spending the past couple of nights going back through the “uncategorized” entries here at I have picked out a few observations. One of the biggest ones is that I have been in a very creative dry spell for the past couple of years. I don’t know if it was the addition of another little boy to drain my attentions or just other hard life stuff, but there haven’t been many new ideas around here.

But I already sort of knew that.

The hard part of looking back for me is when I find an entry that is basically just a meeting report. See for you guys it is just a couple of sentences about how a lesson worked or didn’t work. For me it is a memory of the student who sat there and listened and worshiped and interacted. For me it is the memory of where they were in their life and where God was leading them.

Now as I am very close to moving out of this town and moving on to my next job I find myself thinking more and more about the youth of my former church. Not only did I get to watch them grow up, but I grew up with them too. It was such an honor to be able to share in their lives and tell them about God. I guess tonight it is just hitting me all over again that this chapter really is over.

Of course that means that a new chapter is beginning and it is one that I am getting more excited about every day.

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