O My Goodness

I arrived back home tonight to a special surprise. Not only did I get to see my beautiful wife and son, but 4 of my youth (actually 2 of them are in college now) were in my living room. They were here because they had bought me an Xbox 360 so I can play Call of Duty with them. I mean how cool is that! I have gotten many gifts from church people over the years, but these guys actually understand what I like and went above and beyond to get it for me. As a youth minister you don’t get many moments like this, but this feels pretty cool.

3 thoughts on “O My Goodness

  1. The Average Youth Minister says:

    Either no one reads this blog anymore or I didn’t make that very clear. SOME OF MY YOUTH GAVE ME AN XBOX 360! THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME!

  2. Wookie says:

    You’re welcome. Now get live.

  3. Dennis says:

    I’m sorry…I was stunned the first time I read it. Unbelievable. Now, between your son and the Xbox, you’re never going to get anything done (or written).

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