Obey the Sign that I’m Not Obeying

Bear with me because this story is going some where I promise. I live near our local elementary school. They have tried many times to get the drop off/pick up line managed, but there are just lots of cars that need to be moved through a small space in a small amount of time. Last year they let the cars line up at the edge of the pick up area, and if you have small kids you know that people like to start lining up to pick up their children around before 1.

So this year there is a new little hand written sign that says: “The pick up line starts here at 2:30.” It is back a considerable distance from where the line used to start. Every day this week I have seen cars lined up before 2:30, but what I saw today made me laugh.

There was a woman parked by the sign. She was out of her car and yelling up at a person who was parked up by where the line started last year. I couldn’t hear what the yelling person was saying, but she was gesturing at the sign and at her car which was already lined up. The woman in the other car seemed to be acquiescing and was getting back into her car to move it, but I didn’t stick around to watch how the thing played out. What made me laugh about the whole situation was that it was 12:43. So the one woman was trying to get the other one to obey what was on the sign when she herself was ignoring what it said.

This is one of the best pictures of the actions of the religious right (and other hypocrites) that I could imagine. Of course I like to say that those people are the hypocrites and act this way, but I really know that I do it too. I often find myself upset that someone isn’t following the parts of the Bible that I see as important while I ignore other parts of it.

I think if we are honest all of us have been this woman before. We have all tried to point out the mistakes of others (so that they will fall in line behind us) while we ignore our own mistakes. I guess that is why Jesus said that we are to remove the plank from our eye before we try to remove the mote from our brother’s eye.

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