Object Lesson: Power Supply

I got an idea this weekend for a cool object lesson. I don’t really know if I will use it any time soon, but I like it.

The Bible says that the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us. But most of us have a hard time transferring that power into our everyday lives, and even if we do live with that power in some places there are many parts of our lives that are pretty powerless. If you have ever done much work on the inside of your computer you will know that there is a big box called the power supply. On one side of this box is a place for a cord that plugs into the wall and into the power. On the other side is a collection of cables that plug into the various things on the inside of your computer. You can add all sorts of fancy drives and parts to your computer but if you don’t connect them to the power supply they aren’t going to work.

So what about you? What parts of your life aren’t connected to God’s power? I think all of us have certain areas of our life where we seem to be trying to live on our own power other than God’s and wondering why things are failing.

I like the image of a power supply because it has many connections and even though one part of our lives may be connected doesn’t mean that God’s power is getting to all of our lives.  We live very compartmentalized lives and this illustration really points that out.

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