Old Comedy New Lesson

I don’t know if this is a really good idea, or if it sounds good because I watched Fat Albert the other day and I have been thinking about Bill Cosby ever since then, but either way I am going to stick it up here and let you guys decide.

Go to the itunes store and search for Bill Cosby. Look for his greatest hits album, or if you don’t want the whole thing than his complete Noah routine. You will need at least the part of Noah and his neighbors, but I would suggest getting all of the Noah bits.

Alright here is my plan tomorrow I am going to play these bits and use them as a springboard into a discussion about reaching out.

In Bill Cosby’s version of events Noah would rather laugh at his neighbor and keep the God stuff a secret than actually telling him about the flood. I think there are a whole lot of Christians who have their “ark” in God and who now don’t really care much about the people around them. They may give lip service to wanting to see others come to know Christ, but when it really comes down to it they won’t go out of their way to tell others about Jesus’ love. In a sense that makes them just like Cosby’s Noah. They are simply laughing at people who are doomed to die.

In your own setting you could come up with a list of actions that are similar to laughing at your neighbor. When you act like you are no different than the world you are turning your neighbor away from God, when you make fun of others you are no different than Cosby’s Noah laughing at those who are going to drown. The same is true when you cheat or lie or run away from times when you could be telling people the truth.

I hope it works out tomorrow night. I am always a little hesitant to play just audio without an visuals, but I hope the comedy of the thing will help.

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