Old School

I was searching for my discussion on the sinners prayer (with the handy search feature you will find in the bar on your right) and I found this and thought it was true enough to post again.

Why I do it:


This is why I serve God, eternal life, peace even when everything around you is in turmoil, joy when the whole world is falling apart, getting paid for using the gifts that God has given you, getting a chance to lead a young child to God, telling someone about Jesus for the first time, the completeness that comes only in worship, prayer, prayer, prayer, that wonderful way that God puts his quietness in your heart and speaks to you when you don’t expect it, seeing God’s hand at work in a rainstorm and being so caught up in his glory you almost cry, laughter, pure laughter, love that comes even when it seems that everyone has turned away, always being picked, never being left until last, being a part of a journey that is bigger than you can imagine, being a part of changing the world, seeing little kids eyes light up when you tell them about Jonah, or Daniel, or David, or just about a God who loves them, serving others until your whole body hurts and falling to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, standing in front of a group of people and speaking and hearing God’s voice come through your words, humiliating yourself by messing up a sermon in a thousand ways and people still coming to God, connecting with others in authentic relationships, standing naked before God and knowing that you are a sinner but he has made you clean, being known completely so you don’t have to lie anymore, freedom, freedom that comes when you don’t have to hold anything back, freedom, freedom, freedom, love, joy, peace, freedom.

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