Olympics Black Hole

I have been drawn in to the gravity well that is the Summer Olympics. So that is why I haven’t been very prolific here at Nailscars.com as of late. I have been trying to do busy work that I can do while I watch people 10 year younger than me do things on a bar that I couldn’t do even on a bungee cord or guys swim faster than I can drive. The few entries I have posted I have written during commercials.

Here are some of my observances:

  • Michael Phelps isn’t human
  • It is waaaay more fun to watch a sport when an American has a chance to win.
  • So to go along with that one, there isn’t a whole lot of “wow check out the great athletes” it is more of a let me find someone to cheer for type thing.
  • There is no way that those Chinese girls are 16
  • I still say that anything that needs to be judged isn’t a sport. It may be a competition, and I can’t do what they can do, but the inherent weirdness of the judging system almost makes me not want to watch. Especially when my best way of telling if they did good or not is whether they make a splash or take a step on their landing. 
  • Nastia (Ms Nasty if you’re Janet Jackson) Liukin may love gymnastics, but I have to wonder if she wasn’t forced into it by her father. She probably wasn’t, but I wanted to make my Ms Nasty joke. 
  • The Olympics are much more fun this year with someone to cheer against. When the USSR broke apart we lost our biggest enemy. Now China has become the people to cheer against. It isn’t that we don’t like China, but they are better than us now. They have become our biggest rivals, and it is more fun to cheer when it doesn’t seem like we are just beating up on all of the other countries.
  • Now that swimming is over I’m just not that interested in the second half of the games. I like to watch the 100 meters, but it is finished too. I guess I will watch some diving or something.
  • I HATE watching things that are tape delayed. The simple fact that I know I can get up and go check and see who won the gold messes with my head. I also hate when NBC shows all of the waiting for scores time when we know it is a tape. Just give me the freaking score!
  • On that note, give me everything live. I will get up or record what I want to see. There is nothing better on your networks at 3:00 in the morning, but I know there is something happening on the Olympics so let me see it. I will watch even obscure stuff if it is live.
  • During this 2 week period the USA network should be showing nothing be Olympics and Monk (cause I loves me some Monk).
  • I keep looking at these 16-20 year old kids who say they have been “dreaming of this their whole life” and I think “so what are you going to dream about now?” I mean what happens when all of your dreams come true (or are ruined) before you can even vote.
  • Brenda, my adopted mom thinks that Bob Costas wears a hair piece.
  • Bella Caroli (I don’t want to look up how to spell it) is one of the craziest people ever on Television. They should have a show with Bella and Charles Barkley talking about sports. It would be great. 
  • There is a mercy rule in Softball. How crazy is that.
  • While we are on the subject, softball should be in the Olympics; baseball shouldn’t.
  • Baseball has this weird rule, if you are tied in the 11th inning you come out with 2 people on base and whoever you want at the plate.
  • Oo, while I am kicking games out of the well the Games, how about Tennis. Does anyone really care? The US open is in a few weeks that is what we are looking towards.
  • I also think we should go back to amateure player for basketball. Sure we might get beat, but it would make it more fun to watch, and give some young players exposure before the jump to the NBA.
  • I guess that is all for now. Hope you have fun watching the rest of the Olympics. I will see you after they are done.

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