One Mission

Sometimes a youth activity comes to my mind that just makes me smile. I wanted to talk about how we all should be working towards one mission. We all have different gifts and talents, but as a group we have one mission. So I came up with an activity to try to show how to use crazy gifts to accomplish one mission. This activity may be very unique for my group, but it actually worked well and spawned a new Catalyst catch phrase. Here is how it works.


  • Divide your group into teams of 5-10. (If you have more teams then you will have more teams who need to present their ideas so fewer groups means that the activity goes faster.)
  • Pass out the items list below to each team. Teams should divide the items among their team members. So that every item is distributed (I put them in an envelope and had the teams pass them out)
  • These items now belong to the person and cannot be traded. (I didn’t enforce this, but I think the activity works better if everyone has a “gift” that has to be used with the gifts of others)
  • Once everyone has their items pass out the directions you see below. (Modify them to fit your youth room and situation of course)
  • Give teams around 8 minutes to come up with their plan. Plans can be fanciful but somewhat plausible. Any questions that they have about the aliens or items have them work out on their own.
  • Ask teams to present their plan of attack. They don’t need to act it out, but every person should share how their items will be used.


Item List: Bongos, Rake, Live Chicken, Skis, Backpack, Stun Gun, Red Paint, 3 yards of wire, 10 greeting cards, 8 marbles, 3xl t-shirt, Remote control car (without batteries), Rolling Chair, Pack of Bubble Gum, 5 CDs, Toilet Paper (3 rolls), Flying Squirrel, Whale Tooth, 1 large pizza, Helium Balloon


Each member of your team has been given multiple items. Team members must keep and use the items they were given at the beginning of the activity. You must work together with your group to come up with a plausible solution to the problem below. You may only use the items you have been given and the people in your group. Also, you must find a way a way for each person to use the items given.

Aliens have taken over the Calvary Vacation Bible School. They are holding 4 children hostage in the youth room. Your mission is to rescue the children and get them to safety without raising the alarm. What you need to know to be successful

  • Assume that you are outside of the church building
  • There are 3 guards in front of every door.
  • You must neutralize the guards without giving them a chance to raise the alarm
  • Once inside the room there are 4 guards (one for each child)
  • These guards can also raise the alarm if you method doesn’t get them out of the way quickly
  • Once you have taken care of the aliens you must comfort the children and find a way to get them out safely.
  • In the interest of fun assume that once you enter a door something happens and you can’t go out the same way you came in
  • You have exactly 8 minutes to plan your extraction. 


In this game you had to use each of your different “gifts” to accomplish a common mission. This is the same as what happens in the church. We all have been given a certain gift, made in a unique way, so that we can be a part of the body of Christ. You, as a part of this youth ministry have a role to play. You have a job to fulfill if our mission will be completed, you must be involved.

Read 1 Corinthians 12:4-30 with me.

We are all part of the body of Christ. If one part decides that it isn’t needed anymore that doesn’t make it any less useful and valuable. It just hurts the body. You have a part to play. We have a mission and you are a part of that mission.

One of the groups had the idea to distract the guards by letting the chicken and the flying squirrel fight each other. So when I was teaching I said something like this, “If you choose not to use your item then the mission will fail. If Ashley didn’t throw down her flying squirrel then the children would have died.” The remarkable thing was that even in that crazy sentence the students totally understood my analogy. So I thought that would make a great T-Shirt. “If you don’t let go of your flying squirrel, a child just might die.” Crazy and morbid all at the same time. 

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