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Sure it is the Hardcore Southern Baptist version, but Holman actually has some neat stuff going with their new Bible online. It is still in “beta” phase so there are some kinks to work out, but I am in love with the quick links to the Hebrew and Greek definitions. Look through the text and almost every word has a small highlight. Hover over that word and a pop-up window appears with the entry from the Bible dictionary. There are also a few commentaries and study notes. It looks almost as slick as  but with the added bonus of the deeper study tools. What it doesn’t offer is other versions (just HCSB and KJV) or a mobile component (my ipod couldn’t even load it). 

You can tweak it to your own preferences. I went to the options and turned off the “show cross references pop up” because when you click a verse you can see all that information in the sidebar. But if you prefer to read it in the full mode (accessible by clicking the little arrow on the right) you can use the pop-ups instead. 

Right now my biggest complaint is how poorly the text looks if you try to cut and paste a verse or two into a different program. There are lots of extra line breaks and missing spaces. It sort of hampers this as a lesson prep aid, but I am hoping that is something they will work out between the beta and the launch phase.

I am not getting paid for this endorsement or anything, they just sent me there because it is the newest revision of the HCSB text and I have to use it for my writing assignment. I thought I would pass it along. 

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