Open Book Test

I found this and can’t remember if I posted it here before or not so here it is. 

The abundant life is like an open book test—better yet it is like an open professor test.

Every math test has problems. As we take the test we have to work our way through the problems to get the answers. Some tests are easy and the problems are easy. Some tests are hard and the problems are near impossible.

If I were to go and take a 2nd grade math test I wouldn’t have much trouble coming up with the answers. I would still have to work through each problem, but I wouldn’t get stressed out about the whole thing because I would know how they each worked out.

If I were to take a calculus test right now, even though I had calculus in college I would still struggle. The problems would take me longer to work through. Some of them I wouldn’t know how to do, and some of them I would think I knew how to do and would be wrong. So if you asked me to take a calculus test that actually mattered I would be a little worried.

But if you said that while I took this test I would have access to the person who wrote the test. That person could tell me everything including each step to take on each problem. Then I wouldn’t be stressed about it anymore. I mean the girl who created the whole thing is there to walk me through it, so why worry. I would still have to go through each of the problems. I would still need to work through them and find the answers, but I would no longer have to do it with my knowledge.

That is the great thing about this abundant life with God. We have the God who made the test to walk with us through all of the problems. When life looks dark or impossible to find the next step we have to know that God has the answers. Of course it takes humility to go to him to help, but why wouldn’t we trust the maker of it all.

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