Organizing the Clutter

I am a man who loves technology, but I have yet to find a good way to organize my thoughts, notes, to do lists, and other things electronically. I will pick a new service, use it for a while and then ultimately abandon it for a series of notes scribbled on a dozen different notebooks, scraps of paper, and whatever unfortunate child happened to be around when I had an idea and a sharpie.

Ultimately, when whatever type of organization I am using fails I like to blame the system rather than my own lack of skills. Apparently every day planner that I bought for about 5 years in a row was broken because none of the helped me to organize my life.

So with a new job and lots of new things to keep track of I have been turning to Evernote. I like everything about it except for an easy way to make a to do list. There are some work arounds, but nothing that just feels right to me. As such I am still sort of clinging to Google tasks and Taskos, but I hope that will change soon.

But if I am writing about getting organized you have to know that I am still very busy. I have had a few new family ideas and those will be coming soon, well, as soon as I can figure out where the kid I wrote them on has scampered off to.

One thought on “Organizing the Clutter

  • September 24, 2011 at 9:39 AM

    I wrote this before I got my full “everything goes into Evernote” system fully in place. As a result, I have no clue what the “family ministry” ideas are that I was talking about. Hopefully my “if I think it it gets a note” system will cut down on that.


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