Out of this World

40 years ago today a man took a step on another world. I still can’t believe the sheer audacity and courage that it took to place a man on the moon. It is even more staggering when you think that most of my 3 year old’s toys have more computing power than all of NASA had at the time. Think about this, the first portable electronic calculator didn’t come out until a year later. It is an an achievement of epic proportion.

(On a side note when people say that products use “space age” technology or materials I just laugh. Who really wants to be using the same technology they used in the 60s and 70s)

A few years after that amazing feat something much more wonderful happened in my life. Even though seeing my son deal with the addition of a new sibling has brought back memories of crying in my room because everyone wanted to see the baby and not me, July 20 is a pretty cool day for me. In case you haven’t already deduced today is Sumer’s birthday. Which is cooler to me than a man landing on the moon.

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