Pardon our Progress is currently undergoing some major changes. While those changes are taking place (over the course of the next several days) the site will be live, but not very user friendly. There are some major changes coming as you can already see, and I hope that these changes will help the site to be more useful. has been around since I think 1997. I was an early Microsoft FrontPage adopter and have been creating this website for all of these years without ever learning code, so changes like this take me some time and a great deal of fiddling to get everything to land just right.

Over the years this site has morphed from just a place to add drama resources to a place where I could share my thoughts about ministry and also add creative ideas for worship and leading youth. This major upgrade to the site is partially about money, but mostly about finding a new way to organize all of that stuff into a format that is actually functional. I also hope to fix a bunch of the typos (at least in the resources) and also make some of the resources more user friendly.

As of right now none of the links to resources work unless they were hosted outside of If you stumble on something and need it immediately send me an email and I will see if I can get it to you.

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