Parental Reflections

Have you ever been in a discussion with a student and you could just hear their parents’ words coming out of their teenage mouth. It happens to me from time to time. A teenager is passionate about something and sort of upset about it, but when you try to figure out what the cause is beneath the passion it turns out they don’t really know.

I had a convo like this last night and the whole time that I am trying to give reasonable logical responses I am thinking, "Crap, this guys family has some real problems with what is going on at Calvary. Do I need to call them and work something out of do I need to just let it go."

It is so hard to give an answer to teenagers who come with these sorts of issues because they are arguing a position that they are willing to defend very personally, but they don’t know why they need to defend it. In the end I normally just try to calmly tell as much truth as I can and hope they will breathe a bit and listen.  

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