There are more joys to having a son than I could list in a day. It is far and away the greatest experience of my life. But one of the things that happens when you have a little on and you are a pastor is that suddenly you lose your partner and your right hand man in ministry.

Over 7 years of youth work Meredith has been invaluable to me–working late at night with me, chaperoning events, putting out fires, etc. But now that we have Nathan that all has to change a bit. It was hard getting used to it at first, but I have learned to make do.

But this week has been really cool. On Tuesday night Meredith came up to the church (with Nathan of course) and helped me set up for our candlelight Christmas program. Nathan made the whole thing a little more frazzled than usual, but I smiled the whole time because it was fun to be working with her again. It was really the high point of my month.

Then at our Christmas thing Meredith took time to wash my feet. I have to say that I don’t like being served. It is much easier for me to be the one doing the grand gesture and serving others. It takes humility to let someone else serve you. I was floored by the whole event.

No real new insight into ministry, just letting you know I have had a cool first of the week and I have a really amazing wife.  

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