Peer Pressure

Saturday was Nathan’s birthday party so all of the family would be coming to the house. Last Monday I looked at my yard and knew it needed to be mowed, but I figured I would get to it later in the week. Well, it rained all week leaving my yard covered in these very tall very ugly looking weeds.

So Thursday I had this bright idea. It was still to wet to get the mower out (and I don’t even own a mower anyway, I have to borrow one) so I went to my garage to get my sling blade. (In Alabama a sling blade is a heavy blade serrated on both sides and attached that you can swing back and forth and cut small weeds). I thought it would at least cut down the big weeds and I wouldn’t have to worry about mowing.

Well, it actually worked like a charm, it even trimmed the grass a bit. On top of that while it was hard work the repetitive nature of the swinging was sort of relaxing and it was neat to feel like I was coming up with a solution to a problem.


Neighbors were watching me. The said a couple of things like “Well, that is an old timey way of doing that” and other things. Until finally my neighbor (who has previously mowed my yard for money) came out and said he would mow my yard for me on Friday.

I wanted to tell him just not to worry about it, that I was having fun with my sling blade and walking around in the yard. I wanted to tell him that, but I just didn’t know how to explain it, so instead I just told him thank you and put the blade back in the garage.

That has bugged me ever since.

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