People in the Margins

I don’t know if I have plugged Donald Miller’s book Searching for God Knows What lately, but I have been reading it and he says some really amazing things about the nature of who we are as people. I’m not sure if he speaks for everyone, but his style and thoughts just seem to know what I am thinking.

Anyway, I have been really convicted lately about how much God reached out to those people who weren’t cool, who weren’t popular and made them feel welcome. One of the biggest problems people had with Jesus was that he was a friend of sinners. Jesus was always spending time with the marginalized of his world. I started looking at my life and I realized that I invest very little of my time with the marginalized people in my world.

The kids in my youth group aren’t the ultra cool kids (at least most of them aren’t). Most of them are about like I was in high school, somewhere in the middle to high social register of their school. I find that even though I am an adult, even though I get paid to know better and act better, I gravitate towards students who are like me. I have been trying this week to find new ways to reach out to those kids who may be on the outside of both our group and society.

Of course it is hard sometimes to get involved with those people because so few of my youth are involved with them. My youth tend to treat them as people on the periphery as well. But I can’t really blame them, I’m 30 years old and my social standing isn’t based on who I hang out with and I am just now noticing the need to spend more time with them. The question is how can I open their eyes to the need to reach out to all types of people around them?

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