Personal Update

I am trying to actually get a few more things published and maybe become a real freelance writer. In light of that I have 2 announcements.

1) Group turned down my “The Journey” book proposal. It is pretty sad because their rejection letters come in the same envelopes as their acceptance letters so you never know which one you are getting until you open it.

2) I am going to Lifeway in August to sit in on the youth SS material writing process. I am not going to be actually writing, just observing the process and adding my thoughts here and there.

3) I am still waiting to hear from Zondervan about my “Creative Worship in Small Churches” book idea and my “Goodnight, My Son.” children’s book.

I have a few more article and book ideas that I want to shop around, but it is summer and that means I have no time to really work on them. I want to write an article called “Geek Gospel: Using video games, comic books, and 20 sided dice to share the love of Jesus” but I am afraid I won’t have time until August.  

One thought on “Personal Update

  • June 26, 2006 at 4:40 PM

    If you’ve been published where are the links plugging your work? If Scot McKnight on does it, it can’t be bad. If people are reading your blog, I’m sure they’d be interested in reading more from you.


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